Jiykr programing cable software

This page is a collection of user submitted information on radio programming cables. If you have corrections or additions to this page, please submit them to me, or ask for edit privileges.

I much prefer this information to be user-maintained and contributed!

Software Downloads

Note: as this is user-submitted content, the recommendations and opinions here are not necessarily shared by Dan and other primary CHiRP contributors. In some cases, the manufacturer of your radio produces the highest quality cable for programming. However, these are usually the most expensive and are not always the most convenient because of a lack of USB, etc.

The exception to this are the very low cost USB cables that come with many Chinese radios that use a counterfeit Prolific USB to serial chip that has a number of driver problems with recent versions of Microsoft Windows.

These cables generally work ok with Linux. Third party cables are available for most radios with a range of costs and quality. The low cost cables use counterfeit Prolific USB chips. If you use Microsoft Windows, finding the right driver and keeping it working can be quite a chore.

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Cables that use only a 9-pin serial connection take a lot of guesswork out of the equation. With such a cable, you can choose your own or try many USB adapters to get a working setup. In reality, this is a much safer option as you only have to find a solid USB adapter once, and you can use it with many cables.

There are a few reputable manufacturers of 3rd party cables that are known to be high-quality in the community. If you're looking for a cable, check the following:. It is possible to build your own radio programming cable. Most radios use a serial interface for programming, however the voltage levels used varies. Modern low voltage electronics tends to use signalling levels of Vdc, or Be sure you know what voltage levels your radio expects before connecting anything.EXE and run.

Follow along with the installer prompts, the default settings are suitable for most users. Download the software for your radio from the manufacturer, this CD, or if compatible. Please note, Chirp is 3rd party software, and may not be compatible with all firmware revisions of a radio. If a Chirp listed radio does not communicate it is likely a cause of incompatible firmware, and not a faulty radio. Once the download is complete you may need to extract the files, do so in a sub directory on the desktop.

Once extracted, run the installer for the Radio software, again follow the prompts, accepting the default values. Once installed open the radio software, it might have created an Icon on your desktop for easy finding. Always READ the contents of the radio first, this will usually be an option in the top menu bar of the software. Once you have READ the radio you will see what looks like a spreadsheet with the various values.

Enter or Update the values as required, for repeater tones look for a column labeled Encode or maybe Enc for short. When you are finished making the changes to the spreadsheet you need to WRITE the contents back to the radio. As different radios have different internal structures a file cannot be moved from brand to brand or model to model.

By nature this software is designed for use by radio professionals, it is not polished for retail end users. At first it may seem hard to use, or not user friendly, it is not designed to be. It is as simple as it gets and is designed to get the job done, and nothing else. If your model is supporting by Chirp you may find it easier to use the Chirp software and not the manufacture software.

Chirp is open source and was written by a ham for hams. You will find Chirp on the CD, the most recent version can be downloaded from. It is always best to read the radio first and then make changes.

jiykr programing cable software

Do not start from a blank file as erroneous data may be written to the radio. When entering repeater tones if the software gives you the option for an encode tone and decode tone note that Encode is the equivalent as a transmit tone repeater tone for access and the decode is for setting up tone squelch.

While we do our best to help with driver and software troubleshooting, it is best to seek the assistance of someone you can have in front of the computer as being able to see the computer screen is often essential to computer tech support. Need a genuine programming cable? While this can be helpful for some hardware, Windows will load a newer driver that may not be compatible with the revision of the chip inside your programming cable. This is typically the case when you receive a "Code 10" error indicating the device cannot start, when installing the cable on a Windows 7 computer.

To remedy this you have to force Windows to use a earlier version of the driver software. Simply follow the below steps to install a working driver. At times newer computers simply process data to fast for this type of software to handle.

By lowering the speed of the com port the information being read and written may transfer more reliably and less likely to error out. Use the below guide to change this setting Windows XP. FiFo buffering has been reported as causing communication errors.After reading through the following explanations, feel free to download and install the software. Operating Environment 1. Peripheral Devices USB 2. The PC will detect new hardware.

The installation of the device driver software will start automatically. If a reboot request appears, please reboot the PC. Right-click [Computer], then click [Properties]. Click [Device Manager] in the displayed window. This means that COM3 is assigned for the connection with the transceiver. Select this port number in the configurations for communication in the software you are using.

The port displayed with the number 1 is the virtual COM Standard port of the transceiver. The port displayed with the number 2 is the virtual COM Enhanced port of the transceiver. Please also refer to the TSS Instruction manual for details. If you agree with the details listed above, click one of the following links corresponding to each OS to download the virtual COM port driver installation program. The URL link is subject to change. Global Site. Operating Environment. Installing the virtual COM port driver.

Connecting the device to a PC. Turn the transceiver power ON, then connect it to a PC via a connection cable for the transceiver.

jiykr programing cable software

Confirming the COM port number. Open the "Device Manager" to confirm which COM port number is assigned for connection with the device. You can also download the latest and earlier versions virtual COM port driver installation program from the Silicon Laboratories website.Programming Software Downloads.

Before plugging in a programming cable ALL Chinese programming cables have fake chips in them and require older drivers to make them work correctly. Scroll to the bottom of this page for Driver information. You MUST download these files to your computer, otherwise they may try to run while still on the server.

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Site Map. Pronounce Wouxun. Warranty Information. It will not open. These links will take you to Jim Mitchell's web site to download the software. Vista, Win7, Win8 and Win10 all try to install a driver of their choice instead of one that actually works with Chinese-made cables. This is because Prolific, the maker of the chip that the Chinese copied, released a driver that will not work with the Chinese cables. Of course, since Windows is smarter than us humans, it will automatically install the newest non-working driver it can find.

Windows update will also replace an older, working driver, with one of these new non-working ones. The files and links below will show you how this is done. Windows 10 Upgrade: If you recently upgraded to Win10, and are using a Chinese programming cable, your PC will automatically update your Prolific driver.

You will need to reload Prolific driver 3. Email A Friend. Sale Items. All Manufacturers. Email Confirm Email Subscribe Unsubscribe. Thanks for visiting. Welcome to Anytone. Download Driver 3. This is one of the best hand helds I have ever owned.

You need to get the manual down and look it over. There is a lot you can do with it.

jiykr programing cable software

Great walkieFrustrated with that generic programming cable? Now you do what many owners do. Put the radio in the drawer to be worked on later. This is like buying a roll-away treadmill and putting it in the closet until the next time you want to exercise. NOT going to happen. But wait, yours has the company name and logo right on the cable. Keep reading. There are a few options available, such as an FTDI cable. All you need is a small flat blade screwdriver, a soldering pencil, and a CP board.

Take a small screw driver and pry the open the case from the back where the cable enters. It should only be snapped together. Unsolder the 3 wires connected to the board. Solder the 3 wires to the corresponding terminals on the new board. No damage has been done.

Note 2: Some boards have pins on the back requiring small connectors. You can either remove the pins, solder to them, or use the connectors. Whatever floats your boat. When you insert the new board into the USB port, give Windows a chance to find and load the new driver. Should take about 30 seconds. Both chips are designed to do the same thing.

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If you are adventurous, try retrofitting the new board inside the original plastic housing. This will require a Dremel tool, X-Acto knife, Glue, and some patience, but it can be done.

Some come protected with a piece of clear heat shrink over the board so you can see the cool blinking lights. Note 3: If you are trying to retrofit the board inside an existing shell, the red board below is a bit shorter and easier to fit.

Take the radio out of the drawer, program it and have some fun. I hope you had fun with this project. Say goodbye to driver issues. Thanks for the post. Really in the ham diy spirit. I do homebrew cables in a pinch, but eventually end up needing the USB interface for other projects. I got a cheap premade cable that works with my Baofengs on Amazon.New customer? Start here. Please check your email and verify your account within 7 days.

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Download Baofeng UV-5R Programming Chirp Cable Driver

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Enquire Now!The various models of Baofeng handheld transceivers keep popping up everywhere. Also very frequently, the new owner of such a radio finds that they cannot figure out how to program it. The really gnarly problem that usually surfaces is getting the programming cable to work. It appears that many of the cheap Baofeng USB programming cables use a clone of the Prolific PL chip that is not supported by the latest Windows driver. This Miklor web page does a good job of explaining the driver problem and giving some helpful advice.

Actually the Miklor site has tons of information on these radios, so check it out. I will spare you the sad story of dealing with Win 8 and 8. I started using the Chirp programming softwarean open source application that supports a wide variety of radios. I have found the supplied Baofeng and Wouxun software to be, uh, well, crapware.

It can be made to work but it is a pain. While the Chirp software is not bug free and is in perpetual beta, it basically works well and does a great job of supporting a wide range of radios.

I plugged it into my Win8. I did not load any drivers, Windows actually did its job and took care of it for me. In minutes, I was programming a variety of Baofeng and Wouxun radios. My strong recommendation at this point is to use the Chirp software and get a FTDI-based programming cable. You will be a much happier Baofeng or Wouxun owner. Prolific work mostly under Linux, but are a horrible fight under OS X. There are knock-off versions of both types of these chips, but Prolific seem to be the ones most commonly pirated.

Prolific chips and software have some serious issues with Windoz 7, 8 and 8. This is not a Chirp issue. I blamed the HRD program. I was wrong. It is better to pay a little more for FTDI then pull you hair out with frustration with anything that is using Prolific. Its a version of Linux and it works well. Just remember to save your image files to a flashdrive or something that you can retrieve later when needed. Thanks — finally bit the bullet and bought the uv-5ra last month, and got a programming cable from Amazon with was supposedly genuine Baofeng, but did not work.

Tried on three computers — no go. Usually have no problems with anything driver related because I do my research, but this one was just not going to work. Returning previous cable and ordered yours today. Robert AK3Q. Chirp has many bugs. When programming any radio with a Kenwood style 2-prong jack, you basically have several choices which all work to varying degrees :. One, most of the cheap cables on Amazon, E-Bay, etc. There are pros and cons to each approach. One look at the Miklor website will reveal that even when the USB cable driver issue is overcome, many, many folks still have programming issues with Chirp and VIP.

Even once you get them working you run the risk of losing them the next time your windows upgrades, as I have found through personal experience. Next there is the software itself and many of the radios do have firmware bugs, which is why one of the importers has stopped dealing with the manufacturer no need to go into specifics here, other than to acknowledge the issue.

BaoFeng Programming USB Cable Driver Windows 10

So it is important to understand that you may need to do some settings on the radio, via the control panel. But remember, at the price the extra effort is not a deal breaker by any means.

jiykr programing cable software

My experience may supply the reason for so much trouble with these cables: I bought one of the cheap ones, hoping to connect my UV-5 to Chirp through my Linux machine.