Reading comprehension test with answers

Truthfully, you need to monitor progress in all core areas such as: Reading, Writing, and Math. But this post is about Reading and using reading comprehension tests! You have to have every assessment leveled.

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Also, you need to find the level the student is at. Then you must, help them increase their abilities at their own rate. As I mentioned in an earlier post, when I began teaching I did not have many resources to start with.

These are quick reading comprehension tests with answers for grades K-3 and grades because no resource teacher has ample time to spend on assessing or scoring assessments. Almost all of the assessments have reading passages that are between words. Because there are different word count for each grade, at the end of each paragraph on the passages you will find a number that indicates the word count at that point.

Because no product is complete without one, I included an Answer Key. That would be a pain, if an answer key was not provided. First thing you need to do is view the tests you want.

Reading Comprehension Passages with Questions and Answers for College Students

Skip to content. July 19, rmemeo. Why do we need reading comprehension tests? What about the FULL versions of the reading comprehension tests? What Can I Assess with These? Post Views: 4,Reading comprehension at a college level requires a range of skills, such as understanding, remembering, summarizing, analyzing, and inferring from what you read.

The skill of reading comprehension is crucial to college and career success in a variety of fields. With strong reading comprehension skills, a student can learn more independently by acquiring new skills from books and articles. A college reading comprehension test measures your abilities by presenting you with reading passages and asking you questions about them.

Questions can be about the whole passage, part of the passage, or how a specific word is used in context. Reading passages can be about any school-appropriate topic, including literature, history, science, philosophy, psychology, or even daily life. Don't worry if you're unfamiliar with the topic--you'll be able to answer all of the questions just based on what you read.

Even if you are familiar with the topic, you should still answer the questions based on what you read in the passage rather than drawing on your outside knowledge. Reading comprehension tests are often part of comprehensive exams used by schools, colleges, and universities for the purposes, which can be summarized with the acronym DEEP :. Prepare for a Placement Test!

reading comprehension test with answers

Everyday life also provides plenty of opportunities to use reading comprehension skills. You'll use these skills when you read a contract, terms of service, the newspaper, or anything that interests you.

Reading comprehension isn't just on tests.

reading comprehension test with answers

It's everywhere! Start preparing today! In Step-By-Step Mode, you can take the test at your own pace and immediately go over answers with detailed explanations. In Timed Mode, you can simulate a timed test by having a timer on-screen and only being able to check your answers at the end of a test.

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Do you have tests in English and math coming up too? The trademark holders are not affiliated with TestPrep-Online or this website. Browse Topics. Family Membership Plan. MAP Test Practice. Find Your Test! See what customers had to say! Access college reading comprehension practice tests today!

reading comprehension test with answers

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Improve your Reading Skills Reading Skills are a perennial topic for standardized tests.

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Before entering University or Nursing School, the institution wants to make sure that you will be able to handle reading technical material and textbooks. It is always best to tackle essays or passages with familiar subjects rather than those with unfamiliar ones. This approach applies the same logic as tackling easy questions before hard ones. Skip passages that do not interest you and leave them for later when there is more time.

Practice your reading comprehension with a free quiz. Many students try reading the questions first and then looking for answers in the passage thinking this approach is more efficient.

What these students do not realize is that it is often hard to navigate in unfamiliar roads. If you read the questions first you will only confuse yourself and lose valuable time. If you are familiar with the common types of reading questions, you are able to take note of important parts of the passage, saving time. There are six major kinds of reading questions. Reading comprehension practice questions here and here. The best preparation for reading comprehension tests is always to read, read and read.

Increase your attention span by making a habit out of reading. Reading Comprehension tests become less daunting when you have trained yourself to read and understand fast. Always remember that it is easier to understand passages you are interested in. Do not read through passages hastily. Make mental notes of ideas that you think might be asked. When facing the reading comprehension section of a standardized test, you need a strategy to be successful.

You want to keep several steps in mind:. Time your work accordingly.

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Typically, four to five minutes per section is sufficient. Second, read the directions for each selection thoroughly before beginning and listen well to any additional verbal instructions, as they will often clarify obscure or confusing written guidelines. Many students find making a basic list in the margins helpful.

Quickly jot down or underline one-word summaries of characters, notable happenings, numbers, or key ideas. This will help you better retain information and focus wandering thoughts. Remember, however, that your main goal in doing this is to find the information that answers the questions. Even if you find the passage interesting, remember your goal and work fast but stay on track.

Read the question and all the choices. Questions are often designed to confuse — stay focused and clear. Keep these clear in your mind. With a very general idea of what the different choices are, go back to the passage and scan for the relevant information.The American Civil War tore the relatively young nation apart.

The repercussions of this tragedy are still felt tod The purpose of a monument is to remind, inform, and inspire the viewer. The United States is fortunate to have some of the most This reading set celebrates the rich and Thirteen colonies in a land far, far away united and announced their independence from a distant, powerful monarch.

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This reading set has all that and mor Primary sources take the reader to major historic moments as they are happening. This reading set has newspaper articles contem Dogs are said to be "man's best friend. Toggle navigation. All Passages Reading Sets. Reading Set: 8 Passages. Add to My Library American Monuments The purpose of a monument is to remind, inform, and inspire the viewer.

Reading Set: 6 Passages. Reading Set: 3 Passages. American Independence Thirteen colonies in a land far, far away united and announced their independence from a distant, powerful monarch.

Reading Set: 7 Passages.Reading comprehension refers to whether or not a student understands a text that they have read. At higher levels, comprehending a text involves making inferences and understanding implicit ideas. Some students struggle with reading comprehension. These reading comprehension worksheets should help you provide remediation to these students. Fictional Passages Jacob the Great Comprehension Test — Students read a short story about a kid cycling through hobbies and then answer comprehension, inferential, and literary element questions.

Each story features an exciting twist or a valuable lesson. This test covers some basics of the game of kings. This test is for earlier readers, but the multiple-choice and long response questions are rigorous and aligned with Common Core State Standards. Learn about the history of television and answer multiple-choice and long response questions in this reading test.

Then answer multiple choice and extended response questions. Read about this classic game and then answer multiple-choice and long response questions. Learn about the rich history of this legendary amphitheater, and then answer multiple-choice and extended response questions. Learn about the most exciting mail service ever offered in this text and answer multiple-choice and extended response questions based on the passage. You should have them read this passage.

The author makes a very compelling case. Then you should make them answer the multiple-choice and extended-response questions after they are done reading, because that will help them become more thoughtful readers.

Learn about how different animals survive the winter and then answer multiple-choice and long response questions. The author challenges these students in this short persuasive piece, complete with multiple-choice and extended-response questions after the passage.

Learn about this cultural phenomenon in this short text and then answer multiple-choice and long response questions. Learn about why in this reading passage and then answer multiple-choice and long response questions.

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Reading Comprehension Test — E. Learn why while answering reading comprehension questions in this awesome nonfiction reading test. Take it from Koko, a gorilla who can communicate in sign language. Learn more about this amazing creature and sharpen your reading skills with multiple-choice and long-response questions. Learn more about the amazing world of carnivorous plants with this short text.

Then answer Common Core aligned multiple-choice and extended-response questions. They can do a bunch of other really tough things too. Learn more about them with this short nonfiction passage. Then answer Common Core aligned multiple-choice and extended response questions. The totality of human knowledge is practically available at your fingertips. Learn more about my favorite web page in this short nonfiction article.Discover 15 secret strategies that will raise your score on any multiple choice exam regardless of the subject.

Directions: Read the following paragraphs and answer the questions that accompany them. Circle the correct answer, which you believe most accurately satisfies the requirements of each question.

The answer key is located at the end of this test. A favorite author for over years, Theodor Seuss Geisel was born on March 2, But who was Dr. Did he go to medical school? Where was his office? You may be surprised to know that Theodor Seuss Geisel was not a medical doctor at all. He took on the nickname Dr. All these years later, his nickname has lasted and he is known as Dr.

Seuss all across the world. Think back to when you were a young child. Do you remember learning about the environment from a creature called The Lorax? These stories were all written by Dr. Seuss and featured his signature rhyming words and letters. They also featured made up words in order to enhance his rhyme scheme and even though many of his characters were made up, they sure seem real to us today. You must remember that cat and Thing One and Thing Two from your childhood.

This was, book publishers thought, because children found books dull and uninteresting. An intelligent publisher sent Dr. Seuss a book of words that he thought all children should learn as young readers. Seuss wrote his famous story The Cat in the Hat, using those words. We can see, over the decades, just how much influence his writing has had on very young children. His books made people feel better b. His books took away fevers d. The publisher knew how to read.